Uncle Otis

The Uncle Otis retail store, originally owned by Roger O’Donnell of The Cure, burst onto the Toronto menswear scene in 1991. Stemming from its roots in international streetwear to the current, self-described “purveyors of personal style,” it is now both a destination and a staple for style aficionados in Toronto and around the world. Uncle Otis approached Frisina Films and asked us to pay homage to the company’s legacy, and we knew we had to highlight his insight on both the menswear industry and today’s fashion scene, and how his store fits in the middle of that Venn diagram.

Giulia and her team were absolutely wonderful to work with. My camera shyness wasn't an issue at all with Giulia providing me here guidance. Plus their quick and efficient expertise was rather impressive. Very happy with the end result.

Donnell Enns